Why go to an Allergy Free Hotel

Why go to an Allergy Free Hotel?

A holiday or a simple business trip can be a serious problem for the millions of people who suffer from dust mite allergies and have to sleep in rooms that their invisible enemies call home.

In order to prevent this very common problem the room needs to be made “Allergy Friendly”, which means everything must be done to reduce the amount of such unwanted guests as pollens, moulds, fungi and the now-famous dust mites.

You can’t see them, but they are nestled in the weave of the furniture’s fabric, in the folds of the upholstery, in the carpets and rugs, and even your children’s stuffed animals.

These tiny spider-shaped creatures live in higher concentrations in the bedroom, especially in the mattresses and pillows that provide them with their ideal habitat and from whence they release the microscopic allergenic particles that are responsible for the abnormal reactions of the immune systems of 20% of Europeans (source: Federasma). 

The allergic response is actually an overly enthusiastic reaction of our immune system, which perceives allergens as alien and thus goes into a red alert mode that leads to the production of a substance known as histamine.

It is this substance that is responsible for rhinoconjunctivitis, coughing, sinusitis, respiratory difficult, itching and dermatitis.

This is also why the medicine prescribed to lessen the effects of this type of allergic reaction is called an antihistamine. Antihistamines can be preventive but are not without their own side effects, like nausea, stomach or intestinal upset, reduced alertness and diminished concentration.

They should be taken during the more critical periods, but not all year long. So what should be done? Prevention. But how? 

Bio Allergy Friendly Room

Very aware of this very common problem, following all the guidelines drafted by industry experts, we have come up with an environmental programme to prevent respiratory allergies, a method we call Allergy Free Hotels®.

The method requires a series of interventions that ensure a significant decrease in the number of allergens to an amount within tolerable levels, even for the most sensitive sufferers.

The beneficial effects the environmental sanitisation programme provides are remarkable.

Making a bedroom anallergic means:

√  Favouring deeper sleep and the consequent benefits this brings to the mind and body

√  Preventing the onslaught of allergies 

√  Blocking insipient asthma in the children of allergic parents and/or who already suffer from food allergies

√  Reducing the side effects and the consequences of antihistamine drugs 

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