Cooperation with Allergy Free Hotels

The Allergy Free Hotels® initiative has received international acclaim from a substantial number of companies, groups, associations and individuals who share our passion for constant improvement of air quality in indoor environments and the consequent improvement in the quality of life people enjoy, in particular children who increasingly have to face problems related to respiratory allergies.

Allergy Free Hotels® is ready and willing to collaborate with the tourism industry (tour operators, hotel associations, travel agencies), with organisations that handle asthma and allergy issues, scientific associations of specialist physicians (allergists, paediatricians), groups and private individuals to develop solutions for a new world that is healthy and safe to live in, a world where you can breathe fresh, clean air everywhere.

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“"To each his holiday", this is the idea that led to the creation of the Village for all - V4A® project that operates with a single objective: to promote Accessible Hospitality, social inclusion and the right to vacation for all. Accessible Hospitality means the set of services and facilities that allow people with specific needs to enjoy the holiday and free time without obstacles or difficulties. It is considered as "specific needs" not only those of people in wheelchairs but more generally those with permanent or temporary reduced mobility, sensory limitations (blind and deaf), food (allergic and intolerant), diabetic, dialysis and obese people but also the needs of that large segment of the population consisting of the elderly and families with children.

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