Allergy Free Hotels Protocol

A Synergy of 3 Actions to Ensure Successful Prevention

In a BioAllergy friendly Room, you can improve the quality of your sleep, avoid worrying about any discomfort due to allergies and enjoy your travel experience.

You can rest in beds clinically treated against allergens, on mattresses and pollow covered with soft, anti-dust mite certified encasing, wrapped in hypoallergenicquilts.

The daily sanitizing treatment of all the surfaces of the bedroom with the exclusive biocleaner Pro system will get rid of even the smallest inhalable particles.

Natural air purification is ensured by the sanitization system with active oxygen and the exclusive thermodynamic air sterilizers.

The environmental sanitation protocol Allergy Free hotels ® has been developed following the guidelines indicated in the international consensus relating to the management of prevention of respiratory allergies.

Allergy Free hotels ® is a secure and easily deployable prophylaxis system for any establishment measuring between 0 and 1,500 meters, height above which the presence of allergens is a rare occurrence.

Environmental sanitation includes a series of strategic actions aimed at the removal of allergens (pollens, dust mites, mold, etc.) in the air, in mattresses, curtains, upholstered furnishings and possibly in carpets.

Protocollo AFH


1 - Anti-dust mite Bed System

the bed system that is the ideal environment for the proliferation of dust mites. The use of particular pillowcases, mattress covers and duvets made with technologically advanced materials (EC medical devices), create a "mite barrier effect", impenetrable by allergens but permeable to air, thus ensuring ideal comfort. These linings protect the mattresses from infestations of bed-bugs, (Cimex Lecturalix), a phenomenon much on the rise, given the high mobility of tourists worldwide.


2 - Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces

Biocleaner ® steam force at the service of health! The revolutionary professional cleaning system that treats all surfaces with steam at 160°, sucking dirt simultaneously. With an exclusive dual water filtration system, it ensures the removal of micro dust up to 0.1 µ. It is now possible to sanitize rooms with rugs, carpets and/or heavy drapes and avoid the use of potentially allergenic detergents.


3 - Sanitizing environments and Air Purification

HygienicO3: organic sanitizing! The exclusive system of sanitization of environments with trivalent oxygen (O3) that in a few minutes completely cleans any environment from viruses, bacteria (legionella pneumophila), mold, insects, etc.

Hygienic O3 can also permanently rid rooms of any unpleasant smell (smoke, odors, musty smell, kitchen odors and more), leaving the air pure, hydrogen peroxided on request, pleasantly scented.

Airfree® free to breathe... Airfree ®

Air Purifier, through an innovative technology cleans the air of confined environments using a completely natural heat treatment that is effectively able to get rid of mites and allergens: pets, mold, bacteria, (including legionella pneumophila), viruses, pollen, ozone and chemical contaminants, treating 24/7 the air that is breathed in the room.


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