Why Choose Allergy Free Hotels?

Often a vacation or a simple business trip can be extremely problematic for millions of people who have symptomatic allergies to dust mites and who find themselves having to sojourn in unsuitable environments.

To work around this extremely propagated problem, rooms have to be "Allergy Friendly", which means adopting all the measures necessary to minimize the presence of uninvited guests such as: pollen, mold, fungi, bed bugs and the infamous dust mites.

We can’t see them, but they mockingly lurk among the fabrics in upholstered furniture, carpets, rugs and even among the stuffed toy animals of children.

These small critters are concentrated mainly in the bedroom and in particular in mattresses and pillows where they find their ideal habitat: proper relationship between humidity, heat and food consisting of the skin flakes we lose every day; small fragments that are invisible for us, but make a full cart of supplies to them. As every living creature, mites are also subject to the normal processes of assimilation and consequent elimination of waste. It is precisely these fragments, so microscopic they are volatile (and therefore, inhalable) that contain the largest concentration of allergens, which are responsible for abnormal immune system reactions in 20% of the European population (source Federasma).

Allergic diseases are extremely annoying, disabling and limiting as regards the choice of travel and holidays.

It happens very often that this type of disease affects not only those directly affected, but also all members of the same family, which, given the problem, are forced to give up and limitations of difficult management.

For this reason, our company, which has been involved in the field of environmental prophylaxis for several years, has developed a sanitization protocol that can be easily implemented in any hotel room, which allows anyone to offer a healthy and safe environment.

The allergic response is caused by an overreaction of the immune system that recognizes the foreign allergen, triggering a "red alert" that causes the production of a substance called histamine.

Histamine is the actual culprit of rhino-conjunctivitis, coughs, sinusitis, respiratory problems, itching and dermatitis.

It's no coincidence the drugs typically prescribed to counteract these types of allergic reactions are called antihistamines, at times a life-saver, but not without significant side effects such as nausea, gastric and intestinal disorders, reduced alertness and concentration.

In short, drugs for the critical moments, but not a permanent solution. What can we do then? There’s only one option: prevent. But how?

Bio Allergy Friendly Room

Aware of this widespread problem, in accordance with the guidelines expressed by field specialists, we have developed a program of environmental prophylaxis for the prevention of respiratory allergies: Allergy Free Hotels®.

The Protocol provides for a series of measures that guarantee a significant reduction in the presence of allergens within tolerable levels, even for the most sensitive subjects.

It is interesting to note the beneficial effects that can be achieved with proper environmental sanitation interventions.

Making allergy friendly bedrooms means:

√ to promote sleeping on a whole and its beneficial effect on the body
√ to prevent the onset of allergic diseases
√ to hinder the onset of asthma in young children of parents with allergies and/or food intolerances
√ to decrease symptoms in allergic individuals and therefore the intake of medication

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