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The patented technologies used in the Allergy Free Hotels® prophylaxis program allow you to improve the sleep quality of your general well-being during holidays and business trips.

Poor rest and exposure to allergic reactions are bad traveling companions, causing rhinitis, itching, irritation to the upper respiratory tract and the use of medication. 

The Allergy Free Hotels® program, in compliance with the guidelines indicated by the specialists in the sector, aims to overcome these extremely widespread problems, reducing microbiological pollution (viruses, molds and bacteria) and significantly reducing the presence of allergens, ( pollen, fungi, dust mites), chemical pollutants, environmental odors and insects, (bed fleas).

The hotel owners are always on the rise who care about the well-being of their guests and who equip their facilities to offer Allergy Friendly rooms.

Staying in an Bio Allergy Friendly room allows you to appreciate the cleanliness of the furnishings, the purity of the air and the pleasure of sleeping on beds subjected to prophylaxis against allergens.

Staying in a Bio Allergy Friendly room you can worry less about the discomforts caused by allergies and sleepless nights and fully enjoy your travel experience.

Finding a Bio Allergy Friendly room is quick and easy. With our innovative search tool you can search and book an Allergy Friendly room in your favorite hotel.

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