Allergy free hotels is bio and makes all the difference!

The Allergy Free Hotels program purifies
the hotel rooms like nothing before!

Our innovative approach to environmental prophylaxis is evident in sanitizing protocols that require only the use of naturally occurring substances: trivalent oxygen (O3) and water (steam). This excludes the use of any chemical detergent that is dangerous for the environment and potentially harmful to humans.

The exclusive technologies on which our sanitation program relies allow you to treat every surface, furnishing and the air, eliminating up to 99% of pollutants, making the environment fresh and pleasant, an indispensable condition to enjoy a healthy and peaceful rest.

√ The patented Dual Filter of Biocleaner, with steam power up to 160°, allows you to clean and naturally sanitize in depth carpets, upholstery and all surfaces.

√ HygienicO3 destroys the harmful components and airborne irritants and eliminates any odor at the source, while leaving the room clean and fresh.

√ The exclusive Bioallergen Mattress Covers softly envelope mattresses and pillows, ensuring real protection against bed bugs, dust mites and allergens.

For rooms to maintain Bio Allergy Free certification, the various actions provided for by the Protocol are repeated regularly.

In this way, we guarantee you’ll have the best quality of air that you can find in the hotel industry.

Our goal with this project is to put even those who suffer from allergies in the condition of living comfortably and enjoying their stay away from home, whether on business or on holiday.


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