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Allergy Free Hotels® came about from an inspiring idea conceived by Antonella Giulietti and Orazio Trivellato, the co-founders of Bioallergen®, a company that produces and sells medical devices designed to prevent indoor allergies.

“Our eco-sustainable project to prevent indoor respiratory allergies receives higher levels of respect and attention every day. Our goal is to go beyond preventing allergens within domestic walls and we are working to adapt our solutions to differing types of adjacent spaces.””

Allergy Free Hotels® preventive treatments use innovative eco-sustainable technology of proven efficiency that turns the commonly agreed-upon international guidelines for preventing indoor allergies into actual practice.

You can turn any hotel room into a “Bio Allergy Friendly” space by applying the Allergy Free Hotels® method to improve the guest’s quality of sleep and general wellness during his or her stay, whether it’s for business or leisure.

The Allergy Free Hotels® program, in compliance with the guidelines indicated by specialists in the sector, aims to overcome these extremely widespread problems, reducing microbiological pollution (viruses, molds and bacteria) and significantly reducing the presence of allergens, (pollen, fungi, dust mites), chemical pollutants, environmental odors and insects, (bed bugs). 
If you suffer from allergies, asthma or when you wake up, you can't breathe freely. Bio Allergy Friendly rooms are your safe haven while you travel.

A poor night’s sleep and allergic reactions are terrible travel companions, they bring about rhinitis, itching, irritated respiratory tracts and usually end with a trip to the drug store.

The Allergy Free Hotels® programme is in full compliance with the guidelines drafted by industry experts and aims to overcome these very common problems by diminishing microbiological pollution (viruses, moulds and bacteria) and significantly reducing the amount of allergens (pollens, fungi, dust mites), chemical pollutants, environmental odours and even insects (bed bugs). If you suffer from allergies, asthma or have trouble breathing freely upon awakening, Bio Allergy Friendly rooms are ideally suited safe havens as you travel.

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